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Smarthome Integrated Technologies

We are experts in smart home design and installation, using only the top name products you know and trust. From increased security to full automation, we can tailor your smart home to suit your needs.

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Why choose Smarthome Integrated Technologies?

The prospect of deciding where to start with designing a smart home can be a daunting task. Which products are the best? Which are the safest? Which will work with my existing equipment? You might find yourself with equipment that can only be used from one company, or outdated obsolete gear.


Smarthome Integrated Technologies focuses on top brand name equipment from companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, Sonos, Nest and Philips to make your smart home as efficient as possible. These companies have spent years of research in developing their products. Why settle on expensive solutions from "ABC-Tech" when you can have the best there is on the market without all the headache?


Choose Smarthome Integrated Technologies to help you make your home into the automated dream you never knew was possible. 

Tailored smart home solutions

Each home is different and requires special solutions to ensure the optimal upgrade. We work hand in hand with you in the design process to plan the best, most cost efficient, and advanced smarthome package. We dont do "starter kits" and template designs. Each home is form fit for you and your needs. 

Control from anywhere

The main feature of automating your home is the ability to control it anywhere. As long as you have a wi-fi connection, you'll be able to control your smart home from any of your mobile devices. 

Competitive prices

With so many options available for smart home equipment, we make sure you find the equipment that suits your needs. Not an audiophile? Dont need colored lights? We work with you to keep costs down when choosing your equipment. 

Secure & Safe

Your peace of mind is our greatest concern. We ensure your smart home is secure by industry standards. We help you in patching up problem areas (like routers and access points) and make sure your smart equipment cant be easily accessed by outside forces. 

24/7 Support

It can be frustrating if your equipment doesn't work the first time, every time. Contact us for support anytime of the day or night and we'll fix your issue as soon as possible.

Consultation & Training

We make sure you get the best possible use of your smart home equipment by providing one on one training for your devices. Until you feel comfortable in your new smart home, our work is not done.  


Interactive home solutions map

Dont know where to start or what equipment is available for your smarthome? 

Check out our interactive smart home for more information on each of the exciting products we can offer.

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Smart lock
Smart Thermostat
Smart Devices
Smart Kitchen
Hue Lights
Smart Lights
Smart blinds
Smart Lighting
Hue Lights
Smart blinds
Smart blinds
Philips Hue
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What We Do

Our process covers three main areas. We consult with you to design the ideal smart home for your needs. Next, our expert technicians install and set-up your smart home equipment. Finally, we train you in the use and integration of your new equipment until you feel comfortable and at ease in using your new smart home. 



Learn more about our consultation process



We pride ourselves on the highest quality installation


Contact us anytime for training and support for your new smart home equipment

Contact us

Smarthome Integrated Technologies is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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